Friday, June 17, 2011

The Quotable Crackpot: Katherine (for Stefany)

Aaron wrote a wonderful poem for me for Mother's Day. I still can't read it without tearing up.

The Quotable Crackpot: Katherine (for Stefany): "Those toes, but stubs of pinkish tone, poke out of the blanket’s grasp, and though wanting for a warmer home, are too beautiful to wrap. ..."

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Turkey Hummus Spirals

I'm posting our first hummus recipe.  I should get points for that.

1/2 lb deli turkey, thinly sliced
1 container flavored hummus (I like the roasted red pepper)
Bag of baby spinach

Spread hummus on the bottom two thirds of a tortilla.  Spread one piece of turkey and then a layer of spinach.  Roll up, and cover in plastic wrap.  Refrigerate 30 minutes or until ready to serve.  Slice to make little spirals.

Now, most of you probably have the same reaction that Matt had: "Hummus is nasty!"  Buts its not.  Its really good for you, and the flavored kinds are quite palatable.  Brody ate one of these- spinach and all- and didn't hate it.  If you think of the hummus as more of a mayo type spread, its not a big deal.  I told Matt that he had to eat them if we wanted Brody to try it and he actually ended up enjoying them.  1/2 lb of turkey does about 4- 10 inch tortillas.