Friday, January 23, 2015

No Bake Cookies (for the coconut-repelled)

I love coconut. Aaron hates it, though, so most of the kids won't eat it, either, as they aren't used to it, since I have mostly avoided it in recipes since marriage. 

We have been searching for the perfect no-bake recipe that avoids coconut, as well as peanut butter (since the kids like to share with friends at school and church). I finally found a recipe, doubled it, and tweaked it into perfection.

4 c. sugar
1 c. cocoa
1 c. softened butter
1 14 oz. can sweetened condensed milk
2 tsp. vanilla
5 c. quick oats

Put sugar, cocoa, margarine and condensed milk in a large heavy-bottomed pot. Measure oats, set aside,  and have vanilla and a teaspoon ready. Bring to boil over medium heat, stirring constantly, and let it boil for about a minute (still stirring). Turn off heat (or remove from heat if electric) and add vanilla and oats. Str until all the oats are moistened and drop by spoonfuls onto cookie sheet lined with wax paper. Allow to cool (you can pop them in the fridge if you want to speed the process).

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